A Brief History of Coffee

A brief history of coffee of course can not be separated from the process of making coffee beverages derived from coffee beans. Why do we need to underline the coffee beans is because a source says that at first people are not drinking coffee from ground coffee beans, but the liquid of a fresh coffee leaves or others are using the skin of the coffee fruit that brewed with hot water.

Of course it's not as good as coffee powder, but can also refresh the body, so the fans were not so widespread. Having found a way to cook a perfect ground coffee, using beans cooked then dried and powdered used as a beverage ingredient, ultimately fans of coffee quickly expanded in various areas.
Coffee beans that have been dried, then fried and crushed or ground into powder as a powder for making drinks. User countries coffee is first of all Arabia (mid XV century).

Finally, coffee beverages is widespread in the Middle Eastern countries such as in Cairo in 1510 and Constantinople (Turkey) ± in the year 1550. Later in the year 1616 this coffee started to go in Europe, namely in Venice. While in England the new coffee consumption in the year 1650. And in the year 1775, England has approximatly 3000 coffee shop.

In earlier times, drinks coffee is mainly known in the Arab States, because the State was the meeting place of humanity who are Christians and Muslims of various nationalities. They are, after returning to the States respectively, then the coffee was introduced to the local population.

This event, led to rapidly increasing demand for coffee beans, giving rise to a very lucrative trade. Not only the merchants who make a profit, but also the farmers who gardening coffee. This explains the rapidly expanding coffee plantations.

In the further development eventually direct a lot of traders who seek agricultural land for the cultivation of coffee, especially the merchants of the nations of Europe went straight to an Arab country. Coffee trade is centered around the Mediterranean, it is not surprising then that the merchants wanted to control Africa and Asia as the colonies, in order to expand its business.

Until now we know that coffee and tea is a beverage that is very important in the Western world. Although the origin of the coffee from African countries, but according to a literature in earlier times very few indigenous people who drink coffee, although coffee consumer in the world continues to increase.

In Ethiopia, coffee is drunk with fatty foods. In addition to coffee beans that can be used as a beverage, the leaves can be brewed with hot water. Kuilit coffee can be used as a organic fertilizer / mulch. In India, the skin of coffee beans used as a livestock feed. May be sufficient here just a discussion about a brief history of coffee, because if we continue this certainly is not to be a long history of coffee instead of a brief history of coffee.