Caffeine in Decaf Coffee

Caffeine in decaf coffee is a pretty interesting thing to talk about. This is because decaf coffee is considered as a caffeine-free coffee. But some people may wonder:

1. Is decaf coffee decaffeinated literally?
2. How free is the caffeine content of decaf coffee?

Or if you include people who are not too sure with the ads 'decaffeinated coffee', you might ask;

3. How much caffeine in decaf coffee?
4. How much amount of caffeine in decaf coffee

To answer this question, we can see the standard of decaf coffee. At least there are two standards used on decaf coffee in the world. The first standard is the International Standard. International standards set 97% of the caffeine contained in coffee should be removed.

The second standard is the European Union Standards. To meet European Union standards, 99.9 percent of caffeine must be removed from the coffee. From both the above standards, we can find that actually decaf coffee still contains caffeine although in a very small amount.

However, some coffee fans who have health problems, usually making decaf coffee as one of the solutions to be able to enjoy coffee. Well, from here another issue arise. Some people may ask:

'My neighbor is a decaf coffee drinker and he was having problems with his health. Is decaf coffee good for health? '

To understand the the case above, we need to explore the story behind that question. 'Does the person drink decaf coffee and then having health problems, or the person is experiencing health problems so that he can only drink decaf coffee?'. Information about this problem can even become an important data for the study of the effects of Caffeine in Decaf Coffee on health.