Espresso Coffee - What is Espresso

Espresso is coffee drink widely known throughout the world. But some people may be confused by what exactly espresso is. Is it the bean? Is it the roast? Is it the blend?

Espresso is simply another method of  wich coffee is prepared.  The method is by shooting high-pressure hot water through finely ground coffee using an Espresso machine. So, it is not the type of bean, roast or blend.

If we look up to the dictionary, we will find the definition of espresso. The definition of espresso refer to the Oxford dictioanary is coffee made by forcing boiling water under pressure through ground coffee.

The word espresso comes from the Italian 'espress' which means 'express', since the invention of the espresso machine that makes coffee faster than before. This machine was invented by Luigi Bezzera in 1901. In 1903 Desiderio Pavoni purchased the patent of this machine. The espresso machine then sold by Pavoni, as La Pavona. But this machine has the disadvantage that the resulting coffee has a burnt taste, because it uses boiling water. Until in 1938 Cremonesi create the espresso machine, with high-pressure piston that uses hot water instead of boiling water to produce a coffee with a better taste.

Espresso is made from coffee beans that roasted and milled using espresso machine. Basically espresso can be made from coffee beans of any species and varieties. A barista (espresso maker) can make espresso with a characteristic thick, dark brown and crema on top. Crema is a golden-colored soft foam that comes from the brewed coffee.

The original espresso served without sweetener or a mixture of milk and served in small glasses called 'shot'. Shot glasses are small and thick glasses that can be used to measure the number of milliliters of coffee produced. The volume of this shot glass is about 30 ml.

Because one shot espresso has a strong flavor, consistent, and thick, it has been used as the basis of a variety of coffee drinks such as cappuccino, macchiato and mocha.

If we think that the espresso is too thick, then want to dilute with a glass of water, then we will get a drink called the Caffe Americano instead of espresso. Hopefully from this article you get the answer for 'what is espresso', and not confused to another coffee drink.