White Coffee

In many English-speaking countries, white coffee refer to the ordinary black coffee added with milk, cream or other 'whitener'. Although the term unheard in the United States, in New York City it may be named as 'light coffee', 'coffee with milk', etc. In this particular coffee, corn syrup and dairy milk may be used as a 'creamer'. While sugar cane, or artificial substance can be used as a sweetener.
If you ever heard the term cafe au lait, you should be able to distinguish it from white coffee. Although both use milk, Cafe' au Lait using steamed milk whereas white coffee using room-temperature milk.
In the United States, usually white coffee refers to coffee beans which has been roasted to yellow roasted level. 'Nut like' is the character that can be used to describe the flavor of this white coffee.
Malaysia is also familiar with the term white coffee. In Malaysia, white coffee refers to the white coffee that comes from the city of Ipoh. Coffee bean that roasted with margarine, brewed and served with sweetened condensed creamy color, is a picture of Malaysian white coffee.
Yemen is also familiar with the term white coffee. In the Country that known for its mocha, white coffee, refers to a type of drink made from the shells of coffee beans that brewed, and added with spices. Meanwhile in Beirut, instead of coffee drink, white coffee referred to herbal tea made from orange blossom water.