What is Cappuccino

Cappucccino is one of the most famous coffee beverages in the world. Cappuccino originally came from Italy, where it is widely known as the home of a variety of complex coffee drinks. The cappuccino is one of the most difficult coffee beverages to make right. It require skill on the part of the barista-- the cappuccino maker.

A cappuccino prepared with espresso, steamed milk and milk foam at the top. The composition of the milk and milk foam distinguish the name of the cappuccino. Cappuccino can be made "wet", meaning is made with more steamed milk, or "dry" meaning made with more milk foam.
A cappuccino is traditionally served in a porcelain cup. The porcelain cup act as insulator to keep the heat of the cappuccino , as well as the foam that floats on top of it. As we know, most coffee beverages is more delicious if drunk hot. In some areas, cappuccino served with a sprinkling of chocolate or cinnamon on top. Hopefully, because we've learned about cappuccino, we can share knowledge to our friends when they ask "what is cappuccino".