Caffeine Effects on Blood Pressure

Caffeine effects on blood pressure has been the concern some people. This is because caffeine is a very common substance that we met (read: what is caffeine).Knowingly or not, caffeine is not just enter into the human body through drinkingcoffee, but also a drink that comes from processed cola and tea.
One of [caffeine effect] that is sometimes asked by some people is caffeine effect onblood pressure. Caffeine can increase blood pressure dramatically. One work of caffeine in the human body is to narrow the blood vessels by blocking the hormonethat keeps the artery remains wide open.
Some people also have a good adaptation to caffeine. So the caffeine does not have long term effects on their bodies. But some people should be wary of caffeine effectson blood pressure, especially those who have aged over 70tahun or who are obese.
If you are experiencing health problems of high blood pressure, you should consultwith your doctor whether you should reduce caffeinated beverages. If doctors recommend limiting the number of cups of coffee in particular, we need to understandthat the content of caffeine, each brand of coffee different from each other. In addition, to avoid the caffeine effects on blood pressure maybe we should avoid drinkingcoffee before doing strenuous activity.
A simple way to see if there is caffeine effects on blood pressure in your body, is to measure your blood pressure. Technically, you can measure blood pressure beforeand after drinking caffeinated beverages. If blood pressure increased 50-10 points, it means you are sensitive to caffeine effects on blood pressure.