Coffee Plantations and Soil Chemical Properties

Coffee plantations, and planting coffee tree need to consider the chemical properties of soil. Chemical properties of soil mentioned is included fertility and pH. In the previous article has described, that the coffee plant requires a deep soil, friable, and contains a lot of humus.

This can not be taken apart with the state soil chemical properties, because these are interrelated each other. Arable land means that many foods contain substances that are needed by plants for growth and production.

Coffee plants require a slightly acid reaction with pH of 5 ½ -6 ½. but good results are often obtained in a more acidic soil, with a record of good physical condition, with the leaves enough Ca + + ions to the physiology of food substances with a considerable amount of plant food. In more acidic soils react, can be neutralized with calcium oxide or a more precise given in the form of fertilizers, for example: powder tulang/Ca- (pO 2) + Calcium metaphospat / Ca (pO 2).

In general, more acidic soils containing minerals is lower. Although the terms relating to the land can be filled with good, but the coffee plantation company that's not necessarily beneficial, because they still have to pay attention to other factors, especially climate.