Kona Coffee Plantation

Before talking about Kona Coffee Plantation you may already know that the Kona Coffee is the coffee that comes from the Kona area. The same coffee that planted in other areas can not be called Kona Coffee. Kona is an area located in the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona has several areas with microclimate that very suitable for Kona Coffee Plantation.
As we know, Kona Coffee is one of the rare coffee with premium quality. In terms of price, Kona Coffee included to one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Perhaps because the price is 'already' expensive and the Kona Coffee Plantation area is limited (remember Coffee Plantation outside Kona cannot be called as Kona Coffee Plantation), makes manufacturers compete to accentuate his Kona Coffee excellence than others. For Example, in the case of Kona Coffee Plantation, some manufacturers may add 'added value' of the label 'organic farming'.
As we know, one of the criteria of organic farming is not wearing the herbicide and pesticide in the plantation. It certainly makes the crop fewer than the ordinary Kona Coffee Plantaion. And of course it makes the organic Kona Coffee Plantaion more expensive than ordinary Kona Coffee Plantaion. But i think it has a specific market share for those who wants more than just premium Kona Coffee.
But some of the Kona Coffee producer do not stop there to inovating. Currently they make Kona Coffee Plantation as an tourist destination. You can see on some Kona Coffee website offering tour packages on Kona Coffee Plantation  as well as selling Kona Coffee.