What is Caffeine

Caffeine is the white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that taste bitter and contained invarious foods that are processed from the plants such as coffee, tea, and cola beans.Caffeine in the plant serves as a natural defense against insect pests. Nowadays weuse caffeine as a stimulant for the human body. We may ask, how caffeine works?Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system. Restore awareness andsleepiness resist. Therefore, caffeine is classified as a psychoactive substance.
The uniqueness of caffeine was, although he included in the category of substanceprikoaktif, caffeine is not currently regulated in the law in almost all countries in the world. Nevertheless, in earlier times we can find that in England there is a ban the establishment of a coffee shop, because it is considered as a place of deliberationtreason.
Currently beverages containing caffeine (such as coffee, tea, cola and energy drinks)popularity is so high. An estimated 90% of adults in North America consume caffeineevery day.
Caffeine is hazardous if taken in high doses. But in small amounts, caffeine is still a matter of debate among many people about whether caffeine is hazardous or caffeine is useful. In terms of the correlation between caffeine and pregnancy, untilnow there is no clear conclusion. However, the effects of caffeine that easily known to many people is diuretic, which which makes the rapid releaseof urine.