Coffee Trees

At least there are 70 species of coffee trees that exist in this world. Starting from the coffee tree in the form shrubs to coffee trees that have a height of 12 meters. There are two kinds of coffee trees that dominant to all types of coffee trees, namely Arabica and Robusta.
Arabica coffee is known to have a better flavor than Robusta coffee. However, the taste of the coffee can vary from different trees in the same coffee species. The difference is determined by the environment where the trees are planted. Therefore a trained barista can guess the origin of coffee beans by smell the aroma coming out from the coffee beans when roasted.
The character of the coffee beans will further apparent after brewed by hot water. Coffee from Africa and Arabia probably feel more fruity. Coffee from Indonesia feels more earthy, and coffee from Latin America has the aroma of nuts. These because a coffee tree not only sensitive to the environment but also the type of the soil, altitude and the climate where the trees are planted. A literature even mentions that other plants that planted around the coffee trees can also affect the aroma of the coffee produced.

Morphology of the coffee tree
In morphology, the vital organs in the coffee tree are as follows:
  1. The roots of coffee trees
  2. Coffee tree trunks
  3. Leaves of coffee trees
  4. Coffee trees flower
  5. The Coffee Fruit
  6. The Coffee Bean
Pollination of coffee flower
Coffee trees included in the plant that can perform self-pollinating. It because the coffee flower has pistil and pollen on it flower. The success of the pollination process is determined by climate and weather, in this case the presence or absence of rain. Pollination generally occurs after the rainy season.
Flowers on the coffee tree generally appears when the coffee trees about 2 years old. The time takes to change the coffee flower into coffee fruit are vary from one coffee tree to another.
For example, for the type of Arabica coffee, it takes 7-10 months. As for Robusta coffee, it takes 9-12 months. So the duration of the coffee flower becomes coffee fruit are depends on the type of coffee tree.