Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee or Coffea robusta is one of the world famous coffee. Robusta coffee accounted for the second largest coffee production. Approximately one third of world coffee production is Robusta coffee.
Robusta vs Arabica production

This coffee trees which also known as 'Coffea canephora' originated from the African continent. Robusta coffee trees can live below the altitude of 1000 m with a temperature of 21-24° C. (Compare to the Arabica Coffee, which should be planted above the altitude of 1000 m).
the robusta coffee origin

Characteristics of Robusta coffee beans are as follows:
  • Coffee Beans slightly rounded
  • The arch coffee beans are thicker than the arabica species
  • Center cut from top to bottom is almost flat
Robusta vs Arabica Caffeine

In the case of caffeine, coffee robusta has a higher caffeine content than arabica coffee. Caffeine content of Robusta coffee reached 2.8 percent, or approximately 2 times compared to arabica coffee.

The Robusta coffee tree can reach the height of 12 metres. In general, the robusta coffee tree is more resistant to pests and weather compare to arabica coffee trees. Thus, it require less heribisida and pesticide. Robusta coffee tree also has advantages in terms of ease to care and a greater yield. As the result, it require lower production cost.

But you may wonder, why robusta coffee production actually less than the production of Arabica coffee?

'The taste' is the answer. The Arabica coffee has better taste than the Robusta coffee. Since Arabica coffee considered to have better quality, Robusta coffee usually used as a mixture of low-grade coffee and instant coffee.