Coffee powder

We can meet a variety of coffee powder in the world. In terms of level of subtlety, coffee powder can be divided into several types. Here are some of names of coffee powder, according to level of subtlety.

Turkish is the finest powder. Coffee powder is usually made into instant coffee.
Cone is a type of coffee powder, made into drinks using coffee maker with a cone-like tip.
Drip Coffee
Drip coffee is a type of coffee powder is made into a beverage coffee machines that use a flat tip.
Coarse coffee powder are the most rugged, made using a tool called the French press coffee maker. French Press coffee maker is a tool the size of a large glass cylinder, made of glass or clear plastic, equipped with lids and similar plates that fit the size of cylinder pressure. This tool comes with a nylon fabric that serves as a filter for coffee grounds.
Therefore if you intend to make your own coffee at home, make sure the type of coffee powder subtlety is suitable to coffee drink you want to make.