Coffee Producing Countries

Coffee is a tropical plant species, which can grow anywhere, except in places too high a temperature is very cold or arid areas that are not suitable for plant life.Coffee producing countries can be seen on Coffee-growing regions.

rough picture of coffee prouding regions

In these maps will be viewable areas suitable for coffee plants or areas that can not be planted, for example:
>> In the northern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean and tropical regions in the Sahara desert in the arid parts of the Arab countries do not match. Similarly, in the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean and northern Australia where the land is very barren, then both the area planted with coffee is not suitable.
>> In southern latitudes which fits / can be planted with coffee, for example countries: Panama, Brazil and Natal region, South Africa.

In the tropics there is no area or a rather large island that would not be planted with coffee. List of coffee producing countries seen in the following table:
1 Brazil
2 Vietnam
3 Colombia
4 Indonesia
5 Mexico
6 India
7 Ethiopia
8 Guatemala
9 Honduras
10 Peru

Table above shows the various coffee producing countries in the world. Of course these things can not be taken apart with the eradication of pests and diseases. Thus large areas should be followed with good maintenance.

A good quality of coffee depends on the type of seed planted, climatic conditions, height and other places, and all of which can affect the development of pests and diseases. Similarly, the weather was very influential on the production of coffee producing countries in the world.