Hawaii Kona Coffee

Some people may ask about the Hawaii Kona Coffee or Hawaiian Kona Coffee. As we have discuss in previous articles, Kona Coffee is a trademark of Arabica Coffee that harvested from the area of Kona, Hawaii. Therefore not all arabica coffee can be called as Kona Coffee. Only coffee that grown in the Kona area could be called Kona Coffee. And since Kona is located in Hawaii, most people refer to it as Hawaii Kona Coffee or Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Though the mention of Kona Coffee alone may be sufficient because Kona is located in Hawaii.
The interesting thing is the words “only coffee grown in the Kona area who could be called as Kona Coffee”. It means if we have the same coffee tree, it can not be called Kona Coffee or Hawaiian Kona Coffee if it does not grown in the area if Kona, Hawaii. Perhaps because of this fact, Hawaiian Kona Coffee became a very rare commodity (see article on Kona Coffee Plantation).
Economic laws also apply in these conditions. As you know, when demand is higher than supply of a commodity, the next things that happens is the price of the commodity becomes high. No wonder the Kona Coffee or Hawaii Kona Coffee became one of the most expensive coffee in the world.
Due to the small quantity and expensive price, most producers now market a variety of Kona Coffee called "Kona Coffee Blends". What is Kona Coffee Blends? Kona Coffee Blends is blend of (minimum) 10% Kona Coffee with 90% of cheap coffee. For ordinary coffee drinker, maybe this is not a big problem. But for the true coffee lover, maybe they will looking for pure Kona Coffee.
If you want to find pure Kona Coffee, you need to be careful in looking at the label of the Kona Coffee products. Pure Kona Coffee is usually labeled "100% Kona Coffee". I hope the information above regarding the Hawaii Kona Coffee can be useful for you.