Coffee plantation and rainfall

The influence of rainfall on coffee plants, which is important is not much, but equity or distribution of rainfall in a period of one year.
The minimum in one year is about 1000-2000mm, while the optimum around 1750-2500mm. In Indonesia rainfall reaches 2500-3500 mm.
Rainfall exceeding this limit is also good, but if the higher location of the area, usually very short dry season. Though a rather long dry season is also very necessary to obtain high production. Robusta coffee requires dry season which lasts 3-4 months. But at that time there is rain often enough, at least there are still about 80 mm of rain per month, or with a frequency of 2 or 3 times.
Coffee plants require a dry season maximum of 1 ½ months before the blossom; being the dry period after blossom as far as possible not exceeding 2 weeks. In connection with the rain in the dry season, the areas to distinguish between the "wet area" and the "dry".
An arid regions, the rainy season ends in mid-March. Usually in April rainfall has begun to diminish, in June and August were very dry drought. Rainfall began to increase again in late November, which is the beginning of the next rainy season.
The composition of precipitation in wet areas, essentially no different from the dry areas, but rainfall and the amount of rainfall was higher, and his time is also somewhat different.