Cuisinart Coffee Makers, Appliances for Coffee Addict

For some coffee addict, should be familiar with Cuisinart coffee makers. And maybe some of them own the coffee makers. Cuisinart is one of the home kitchen industries that produces kitchen appliances including Cuisinart coffe maker.
About Cuisinart Coffee Makers
Cuisinart is a brand of kitchen utensils, like food processor. Cuisinart founded by Carl Sontheimer in 1971 and became a leading brand of kitchen appliances in United States, UK and Canada. It’s been 40 years Cuisinart produced very finest kitchen utensils.Cuisinart products made for long life and easy to use but give an excelent performance. Cuisinart also produced almost 30 designs of Cuisinart Coffee Maker. It provides a variety of options of coffee brewing. A cuisinart coffee maker always ready to brew a hot coffee quickly.
Cuisinart Coffee Maker; The Cuisinart 14-cup Perfec Temp Coffee Maker
Cuisinart produced a limited edition coffee maker with number of Swarovski elements 14-cup coffeemaker with control panel and large LCD display. There is also technology inside the coffeemaker that ensure the temperature of your hot coffee without reduce the flavor. Brew strength control gives you an option whether you want to make a regular or bold coffee flavor. Brew pause button lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before it finish the brewing. This product of cuisinart coffee maker also has a clear water window that give you an easiness to view for accurate filling. Other features are 24-hour brew programming., self clean function, charcoal water filter that removes inpurities, 1 to 4 or 5to 14 cup feature, and many more.
Cuisinart Coffee Maker; The Cuisinart 14-cup Perfec Temp designed by Barbara Tara, that features a stainless steel plate on the back of the unit. The highlight feature of cuisinart coffee maker is an advanced heater that keeps the temperature of hot coffee because temperature is very important to maintain the taste of the coffee. Cusinart coffee maker provides three year warranty for this product.