Coffee Type

The names of the coffee type is difficult to determine because the species is determined by several authors from 25 to 100 more. Wellmann (1961) compiled a list of as many as 64 species, but there are only regarded as varieties only. Then the appropriate type of species more or less there are 60.
Most of the species found in tropical Africa, ie a total of 33 Spp, (Spp = species) 14 Spp in Southeast Asia (tropical).
It is being acknowledge that in the long time ago, the most important coffee species is Coffea Arabica which produces 90% of the coffee world at that time there has been no Robusta (JE Purseglove); Coffea canephora and Coffea liberica 9% less than 1%.
Seeds of wild species of plants planted in several places. There is several coffee species that is widely used is as follows:
Coffee Bengalensis Wild et Heyne; there are wild in Bengal, Burma, Sumatra, and some are found in India.
Coffee Congensis, Froehn. Derived from the Congo, the coffee is similar to that of Arabica coffee Coffea canephora crossed with a hybrid Congesta in Java. Perhaps one form of Coffea canephora.
Coffee Eugenioides, S. Moore. A native of Congo, Uganda and Tanzania, a bit similar to the Coffea Arabica. This coffee is also grown a lot, but the content of low Coffein.
Coffee Exselsa, A. Chev. Originally from West Africa, can grow up to high, large leaves, the fruit is also large but small seeds. This plant is good in West Africa and the Philippines and Java are not widely grown. This coffee Coffea liberica many classified, but the fruit and seeds are much smaller.
Coffee Recemosa, Lour. A native of Mozambique and the coffee was widely grown in the local area. Plants form many branched shrub, small red fruits.
Coffee stenophylla G. Don. Originally from West Africa and widely grown there, a small tree when ripe fruit is blue black, smaller than the Arabica beans and it does not feel.
Coffee Zanguebarise Lour. A native of Zanzibar, in the area of ​​origin is widely grown coffee. Fruits and seeds are similar to Arabica coffee.