Liberica Coffee

Liberica Coffee or Coffee Liberica is a coffee species grows well in the lowlands near Monrovia in Liberica. Its spread  especially, in West Africa only lasts a short time.
When Arabica coffee attacked by Hemileia vastatrix, are not resistant to any kind liberica Similarly, we then replaced with Robusta. Production is traded internationally Liberica less than 1% of all coffee. Coffee Liberica fit in the lowlands are hot and wet climates, can live on land that is rather thin, and does not require special maintenance.
Joseph Hocker, head of Kew Research Center conducted research back in 1872. Bull an expert seedlings have been planted seedlings Chelsea in 1874. These plants get Java from tahun1873 Ceylon and Malaya in 1875. In Java, the seeds developed at the research orchard Bogor Arabica coffee used to replace the destroyed because of attacks Hemileia vastatrix and replaced with the results of a cross between Arabica coffee Liberica with that found in 1885, and then coffee canephora in 1900. Coffee Liberica disseminated throughout the tropics of Kew and surrounding areas, for example in Trinidat in 1875. But now, everywhere types are considered less important when compared with other types.