Bunn Coffee Pot, Product and Features

People who love drink coffee should have Bunn coffee pot. This one of many kind of coffee maker that coffee addict should have. Making your own coffee by yourself will save your money from spending another cup of coffees from coffee shop.
Product and Features of Bunn Coffee Pot
Bunn coffee pot is a coffee maker manufactured by BUNN. BUNN founded in 1957 in Springfield, IL and its first product was paper coffee filter for commerciaal use. But today BUNN continues to manufactures home coffee maker and commercial beverage appliances. It has been 35 years, society using BUNN home coffee brewers There several kinds of Bunn coffee pot such as regular and decaf glass decanters, stainles steel decanters, NCD decanters, regular and decaf easy pour decanters. Usually Bunn coffee pot designed with same features. Container and the handle core shaped as sturdy, extra-strength, made for longest life, drip-proof, fast clean pouring from front or either side, made by high quality stainless steel, high impact resistant material complies with FDA regulations for food contact.
Using Your Bunn Coffee Pot
Bunn coffee pot is one of coffee maker that lets you to make you own coffee at your home. Using Bunn coffee pot you can choose the coffee flavor, the amount of coffee you want to brew. This offers make you to be more economical. The usage of this coffee pot is relatively simple. You only adjust the amount of coffee you use and the flavor you want to brew. Here are steps using Bunn coffee pot.
First, insert the coffee filter into brew funnel. Put the coffee ground into the coffee filter with appropriate amount. Usually one tablespoon of coffee grounds is for a cup of coffee. After that move the brew funnel into palce with funnel guides. Open the top cover when he brew funnel is in place and then pour the cold water into it. Ten cups or less can be poured into the brew funnel. Put coffee decanter under the brew funnel on the base of Bun coffee pot. Then close the cover of brew funnel. This will start the water flow to coffee grind and into the coffee decanter of Bunn coffee pot.