Delonghi coffee machine

Delonghi coffee machine is a coffee maker that is very easy to use, that can help you who love the smells of the aroma and the taste cappuccino and lattes to make your own coffee. You can make delicious coffee at exact and consistent temperatures because of the thermoblock features in automatic Delonghi coffee machine. There’s also coffee been container tap to save the coffee flavor and ensure you will have a tasty coffee. Automatic button on this coffee maker also help you to make smooth tasting latte and cappuccino with creamy forth. The easy-push button controls and the user-friendly display shows you the amount of coffee ground and water you poured. So you will not make any mistake of the amount of coffee ground and water when you make coffee.

About Delonghi Coffee Machines

DeLonghi Group is a company that have four different business sector in comfortable-living field such as heating, air conditioning and air treatment, food preperation and cooking and also house-cleaning and ironing. In food preperation and cooking business sector, Delonghi produced several kinds of Delonghi coffee machines. They are Fully Automatic, Espresso, Nespresso System, Nescafe Dolce Gusto System, Moka, and Grinders. Delonghi also manufactures the accessories of the coffee maker.

How to Use Delonghi Coffee Machines?
Before brew the coffee, make sure that the green light steady on Delonghi Coffee Machine and water tank full so does with the coffee bean container. Set the coffee flavor dial of the desired taste of the coffee you want to make. Turn the knob clockwise increases the the amount of coffee beans that the machine will grind and also will make the taste of the coffee stronger. If you use the Delonghi coffee machine for the first time, the proper position of the knob can be find by trial and error. Don’t turn the knob too far clockwise, or the coffee will be delivere to slowly, in preparing two cups of coffee. After that adjust the coffee amount selector dial to set the amount of coffee needed. Put a cup of coffee under the coffee spout to produce a cup of coffee or more. If you want a creamy coffee, lower the coffee spout to bring them as close to the cups as possible.
Once the amount desired has been reached, the coffee maker automatically stop and flowed the coffee and discharges the ground to the coffee ground container. A few seconds after that, when light green and indicator lights are steady, you can make another cup of coffees. If you finished make the coffee, just switch the Delonghi coffee machine off. Before swithing off, the machine automatically runs a rinse cycle. Hot water runs out from the spout and collected the drip. If you forget to switch off the Delonghi coffee machine, it will switch itself off and run a brief cycle, three hours after the last brew.