Portable Coffee Maker for Camping

It such a great morning if the first time when you wake up you smell of coffee brewing in the great outdoors if you have portable coffee maker on your camping trip. There are many choices of portable coffee maker, but one thing for sure, they all made with strong material, and have durability. You can find one from its size, from one cup to 33 cups and have different brewing methods
5 Portable Coffee Maker Review
Here are 5 reviews about 5 different portable coffee maker as your reference before buy it.
Coleman Camp Coffeemaker. This coffeemaker make by the most famous manufacturer of campping equipment. It make from stainless steel, sturdy and can stand up on anything. It uses the drip brewing method, can be use to make hot beverage or just heating the water for making instant food.
The Coffee Boiler. This coffeemaker totally different type of camping coffee maker. This suites for one large group camping, can make up to 36 cup of coffee and it’s made of enameled steel. Using the percolator/ boil method.
Coffee Press from Mountain Gear. This coffeemaker only can make just one or two cups of coffee. Using French Press method. You only add the coffee ground and hot water then press on from the top and you can get your coffee. It’s made from innsulated steel, so does the dringking cup.
GSI Outdoors Stainlees JavaPRESS. This portable coffee maker using french press method, but the size is bigger than other. Made from stainless less and can brew up to 33 ounces of coffee.
REI Campware Percolator. This is an old fashion percolator that made from stainless steel. Suites for any type of camp cooking. It can brew for 12 cups of coffee.

How To Use Portable Coffee Maker
There will be many types of portable coffee maker for camping. You will find smaller types that only make for one cup of coffee or the big one that can make several cups of coffee at one time. All is depend on the amount of items you will carry for camping and the number of person who would need coffee. The most popular coffee maker used for camping is drip type, all you have to do is just add hot water and coffee ground in the coffee maker, while it rest in a filter that is fixed and set the holdeer over your cup.
The other types of portable coffee maker should be put on a mobile stove or on ashes to heat the water. There also several automatic drip coffee markers that created for camper who wants extra convinient and easy to use. But these type is not suites for camper who will hike ten miles or more because of the size of it is quite big. Not just that camper will need a camp stove. A manual drip coffee maker availables in various size and shapes, and it designed to endure uneven campfire heat. Stainless steel or another fire-resistant portable coffee maker is the most effective for camper.