Espresso Coffee Machines, Complete Steps Making Espresso

This day, espresso coffee machine have been produced for use in home, because espresso is a popular beverage that brewing ground coffee beans with steam. To enjoy the espresso, you can made by yourself with espresso coffee machine with some practice. This article will explain how to use espresso coffee machine.

How to Make an Espresso with Espresso Coffee Machine?
First you have to make sure the espresso coffee machine is in off switch. Unscrew the cover of water reservoir. Fill the espresso pot with appropriate amount of water for the cups of espresso you desire. Pour the water from pot into reservoir. Make sure that it doesn’t excess the maximum amount of water marked. If not, it can damaged your espressp machine. After that, screw it tightly again the reservoir cover. Pour the appropriate amount of espresso into the filter basket. Make certain measure to pour the espresoo into the filter, and don’t overfill the epresso with the water. An the put the filter correctly into the espresso coffee machine. Turn the machine on to the “brew” setting. After the brewing process complete turn off the machine. Pour the brewed espresso into cups. If you want to make cappuccino or latte, you have to use a larger coffee or cappuccino mug.

How to Steam the Milk with Espresso Coffee Machine?
After making an espresso, rinse the carafe from any espresso. Unscrew the cover to the water reservoir on espresso coffee machine. Fill the espresso carafe with the exact amount of water to steam. Mostly the espresso coffee machine have an icon indicate the exact amount of water to steam milk. If not, just use 2 cups of espresso. Pour the water from the pot to reservoir. Close the cover of reservoir tightly. Pour the amount of milk you desired into the pitcher, you can also use mug. Turn on the espresso coffee machine to the ‘steam’ setting. Place the pitcher under the frothing sign after the steam begins to come out. Make sure the bottom of frothing post above the bottom of the pitcher. Move pitcher around in a circular motion and slowly move the pitcher down until the frothing post below the surface of the milk and it will become hot.

Turn off the espresso coffee machine after the frothing process completed. Pour the milk into the espresso that you have made while holding the froth back with spoon. The milk should be put in first. Use the tea spoon to remoce the forth from pitcher and on the top of espresso and milk. Voila! You get your espresso coffee with milk from you espresso coffee machine.