Cuisinart Coffee Pot

Cuisinart Coffee Pot is one of coffee maker produced by Cuisinart. Cuisinart is one of the most trusted kitchen appliances and cooking supplies manufacturers in the world. Its Cuisinart coffee pot offers you the best brews of coffee. The Cuisinart Flavor Brew, BrewCentral or the 10 cup coffee maker, programmable coffee maker and all of the Cuisinart coffee makers are easy to use, user-friendly and not time consuming.

How to Use Cuisinart Coffee Pot?

Generally there are three step to use Cuisinart Coffe Pot. First we start from the preparation. Fill with fresh water to the amount you desired in the clean glass pot. Lift the plastic top lid and pour fresh water into the coffee maker from the canister. Under the filter pot, place the empty coffee pot inside the groove. This step is to make sure that the coffee will drip into the coffee pot. The second step is brewing. At the above cuisinart coffee pot, remove the filter basket and then place a clean filter into the basket. Measure the desired amount of coffee and then put into the basket. After poured the amount of coffee you want into the basket, close the filter and make sure it is closed before you start brewing. The last step is powering up. Make sure the cuisinart coffee pot is plugged in to the electrical outlet and the press the “on” button. After you press the button, the red light should appear shows that the brewing is in process. The cuisinart coffee pot will sounding “beep” at the end showing that the brewing process has completed. Now you get your hot fresh cup of. coffee

How to Self-Clean Cuisinart Coffee Pot?
After using cuisinart coffee pot, it’s better for you to give a proper cleaning of the coffee pot. It will keep the taste of the coffee. There is a method to clean your coffee pot just in a few minutes. It is very easy and very effective to clean the coffee pot and maintaining the quality of coffee. You can also use daily household such as vinegar, baking soda for cleaning your Cuisinart Coffee Pot. Following the method once a week can keep the quality of coffee pot and lengthen the product’s life.
First you have to empty the cuisinart coffee pot and the brew basket from any coffee grounds. Rinse the pot with water to clean the coffee residue left in the pot. Mix baking soda and white vineger each with 2 tablespoon in different container makin a paste. Put a new filter in the brew basket with bakin sodan and white vinegar. Fill the water bowl with fresh cool water and turn on your coffee pot. It will brew the white vinegar and baking soda you mixed. After it stop brewing, turn off the machine. Put hot water into the coffee pot and wait 15 to 20 minutes and dump the waste, rinse again with water and cuisinart coffee pot ready to brew.