Italian Coffee Machine, Moka Pot

Italian coffee machine has various types of coffee maker. Moka Pot is one of Italian coffee machine that is used to make an espresso. This Italian coffee machine mostly made from stainless steel with bakelite handle. Moka pot commonly used in Europe and Latin America and has become and iconic design. Moka pot has different sizes from one to eighteen 50 ml cup.
Moka Pot; an Italian Coffee Machine
Moka pot is an Italian coffee machine, steam-based stovetop espresso maker, produced a dark coffee, strong as the form of traditional espresso maker. Moka pot sometimes called as the poor man’s espresso or as stove-top espresso. This Moka Pot invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. Moka coffee made using only steam’s natural pressure. Using Italian coffee machine such as moka pot is an inexpensive way to make an espresso.
How to Use Italian Coffee Machine?
Espresso is an Italian coffee which is the strongest and richest form. Espresso has been traditionally drunk as an after-meal beverage, and at home Italian families use a stove-top caffettiera or moka espresso maker, the one of Italian coffee machine. Many coffee lovers gather in coffee shop to socialize while enjoying the flavor of espresso. You can also become a home barista to save some penny and prepare a tasty cup of espresso in a few simple steps using traditional Italian coffee machine.
First open the top cover of moka pot the Italian coffee machine by unscrew the top container then set aside the container. Pull out the funnel-shaped filter fill the top container with cool water until the safety valve level. It’s a small button on inside the container. After that, set aside the filter back in place above the water container. Fill the coffee grinder with roasted espresso beans and you can grind on the finest setting. Take two tablespoons of fine-ground espresso coffee, and place it inside the moka’s filter. Screw the top back onto the moka pot. Make sure the top and the bottom of the pot are tightly screwed together. This good seal prevent any loss of the steam when process. Put the moka pot on the stove top and set on medium heat. Let the espresso percolate about 5 minutes. The brewed espresso will flow into the top of container of the moka pot. When all the water fill the top of moka pot, turn off the stove and place it on a cool burner. Pour the espresso into a cup. You can add ingredients you like such as milk to make latte, milk and chocolate syrup to make mocha latte. Now you can enjoy your homemade Italian coffee using Italian coffee machine.